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Benjamin Burnes
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Benjamin Burnes A classy mixture of beats, piano, Rhodes, and other gorgeous sounds. Trigger, Happy is a kind of mixture between C418, Professor Kliq, Zero 7, and a host of other talented and prolific artists. Often melancholy and contemplative, this is music for rainy days. Favorite track: Sunday Mornings { demo }.
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    Available for download until 16th October 2015 - after which, Beth can't decide what to do.
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:::: available as a download until 16 October 2015 ::::

Gather here, music listeners and well-wishers! Due to popular demand, I'm making the demos from Trigger, Happy available here as a temporary download! Yes, at long last, you too can enjoy this music on your beloved DiscMan (if you're rich enough to own a cd burner).

But wait! There's a caveat. These tracks will only be available in this downloadable incarnation while I'm finishing them up IRL. After the 16th October 2015, I'm not sure what will happen to these demos.

Thanks for supporting indie music, you lovely people. Enjoy.

-- Anguaji, January 2014 / September 2015



__ What is this and why am I here? I'm confused.
This is a collection of demos produced for the Album In A Month project 2013, made available for download while I finish the album proper.

__ So are these finished?
Nope, they were the direct results of November 2013 in their original form.

__ Are they mixed?
They shouldn't kill your speakers with sub bass but they're not completely baked, either.

__ Why make them downloadable now?
So many people got in touch with me to ask if they could download the tracks, I thought it'd be churlish to just keep saying no.

__ Why Bandcamp?
I like Bandcamp's interface and streaming tech, but if I run out of free downloads, I'll move to Soundcloud.

__ I want to emotionally invest. Is there a backstory?
Oh, you bet. You can read more about the project and feelings and that below. It's good, compelling stuff.

__ Do I have to pay?
Heck, no. This is pay what you want, with a minimum of £0. That's not a sneaky way of shaking an empty tin at you.

__ If I pay a little bit of money, what will you do?
I'll spend it all on hats. Oh, plus you get the tracks through the Bandcamp app on iOS and android I think. But more importantly, hats.

__ What happens when Trigger, Happy: The Finished Opus is released?
I think I'll make this collection streaming only again, and you can grab the finished article as a separate release - because who knows? It could be all Dubstep by then.

__ What's sub bass?
That's the kind of low bass sound that makes your tummy feel funny.

__ What's that thing on the cover?
It's meant to be a piñata but I've never drawn one before and congratulations, you just hurt my feelings. Ow.


Catch up with the story so far here:



released December 2, 2013

All things - Beth
Moral support - Beth's twitter followers

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